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I help writers fix their plot issues, develop memorable characters and navigate the publishing scene. I would love to help you too.

I had the great good fortune of working with Parul on my first novel with Random House. She was professional and enthusiastic, exactly what a first-time author needs!
— Michael Williams, author of Now is the Time for Running, and winner of the UKLA
The amount I have learned, improved, and become inspired due to Parul’s work is phenomenal. She is incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and most importantly, honest in the most encouraging way. I can tangibly feel she wants the very best for the writers she works with.
— Kirby Peterman, author of Sunflowers
Working with Parul has defined me as a writer. It propped a pair of external glasses on my nose that made me see my writing from a whole new perspective. I cannot believe the difference in my talent between then and now. I can’t thank you enough.
— Gwen Dunne